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 I’ve been shooting photos and video since I got my first handheld Sony camcorder and the angles of choice consisted of low curb-height shots captured through fisheye glass. Capturing footage and stills of action sports like skateboarding started as my sole forte, photography then matured as a craft thats accompanied me around the globe. Photography’s  a form of artistic expression that you didn’t know you’ve loved until that high priced camera you parted with to pay for text books walks back into your life.


The awe that follows when your finger leaves the shutter release is translated by some as a sense of pure bewilderment, some may rediscover that child like sense of wonder, but we can all relate to being entranced by either the mechanism or its product. Whether my geographic location is stagnant or the list of entry/exit stamps in my passport runs a tangent the motive behind my capturing photographs remains the same. I aim to alter our perspective of time, by challenging the mortality of moments.

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